Relationship Advice For Men

Most men often wonder if they are speaking the same language as women because they can land in hot water very quickly. They look for relationship advice in order to avoid these situations, but most are intended for woman.

There are some basic rules that men need to understand in order to increase their success rate with women.

The first one is you need to worry when your woman gives you the silent treatment. When a woman goes silent, it is generally a hint that you have upset her. Whilst you may think that silence is golden, women use this as a punishment. So if your lady friend has a silent day, think back over your actions and try to determine what you have done to upset her.

Secondly, PMT is not always the reason for a woman being in a bad mood. Sometimes they are upset and hurt over something and it has nothing to do with when their period is due. If you constantly blame PMT, you will probably find yourself searching the lonely hearts columns in the near future.

Women like to talk about their problems but this does not mean that they want you to solve their problem. Most females are quite capable of looking after themselves and they just want to let off steam. God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason so you could listen to what your partner is saying before you jump in with the solution. Do yourself a favor and believe that silence in this instance goes a long way.

When looking for relationship advice for men, they often look in the wrong places. It is not ideal to ask your partners father what her problem is. Firstly he is unlikely to understand her any more than you do but being the apple of his eye, he will wonder what you have done to upset her.

It helps to remember that your female partner and an elephant have something in common - their memory. Your partner will never forget anything so do not be surprised if she has a list a mile long of all the things you did wrong in the last six months.

Try talking to your partner. Tell her often how much you love and appreciate her and cuddle her without always expecting it to lead to sex. Like people of both sexes, women like to be held and appreciated without feeling they have to give you something in return.

Also if you are worried about something speak to your partner. Whilst she may be female, she is not helpless and two heads are often better than one at solving a problem. In addition, if she knows what is bothering you she is less likely to become emotionally distant having decided that you must be having an affair or are planning to leave her.

Life long partnerships take work on both sides but be careful what sources you use for relationship advice.

Do I Really Want My Ex Back?

Does My Ex Want To Get Back With Me

Do you care? Asking yourself the question "does my ex want to get back with me" is the not the way to do it. The real question is do you want your ex back? If the answer to that is "yes", then you can start worrying about what your previous partner wants.

A lot of people do not understand why their relationship ended. I find it amazing that many people going through a divorce are unable to explain why they are ending their marriage, especially when there are children involved.

It takes two to break up a relationship despite the fact that it is very easy to blame the other person. Even when someone else has an affair, it is not always 100% their fault. I am not condoning anyone being unfaithful but sometimes people are pushed into it. If you take your man or woman for granted and forget to pay them any attention, they may end up looking somewhere else. Sometimes, a relationship is worth saving , whilst hurtful to hear about an affair, it can eventually strengthen the bonds between the couple.

Examining why a couple broke up will help both parties understand the issues in their relationship. It will highlight those areas that require work. All partnerships involve work and commitment. My husband once said to my Dad that he did not understand me. My dads’ reply: " that is where you are going wrong son, you will never try to understand a woman!"

Whilst it is the sexual attraction that initially attracts men and women, it is their compatibility that will keep them together long after the sexual flame dies. So before you start wondering how your ex partner is feeling, you need to be certain of your own wants and desires. Are you sure that this person is right for you? Do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with them? Do you want the same things out of life i.e. kids, traveling, similar standard of living etc? Do you share the same ideals and views about how to live your life?

It is very important to first establish if you would like to try again. Knowing what you want will help you to work out what your ex wants. Despite what Hollywood and other entertainment providers would have you believe, men want stable happy relationships just as much as women. Generally the male is not as good as vocalizing what he wants and can end a relationship rather than have to deal with a bad patch.

So instead of wasting time trying to answer "does my ex want to get back with me," why not invite him round for coffee and see what happens.

What A Secret Relationships Can Do

Secret relationships sound exciting and adventurous. Just having a secret is provocative, but when there is romance and sex involved it makes the secret even more exciting. Do you know why secret relationships have such a big appeal, and that people wonder why you are smiling all the time?

Secret relationships are not uncommon. But you should also realize that they do not always work. In fact, having a relationship that is a secret can put a huge strain on you as a couple. The odds of this type of relationship only last a short time are pretty high.

It can be more difficult than you think to go very long without talking about the relationship. If it were not secret, you would probably mention your partner throughout the day in casual conversation. Even just mentioning something you saw together or talked about would be a natural thing to do.

But in secret relationships, you have to keep yourself from doing that. You might find it on the tip of your tongue to talk about your partner and have to watch yourself all the time. Having to censor yourself several times a day can be quite a source of stress.

There is also the worry about being seen together. People in this type of relationships do not have the luxury of going out to a great restaurant for dinner. They can not go see the latest movie together, or walk down the road holding hands.

There are exceptions to this. If you are keeping the relationship secret because you are good friends and you do not want people to know, you can still be seen together. But you will have to give only appearance of friendship around others.

Some relationships are kept secret for that very reason. Friends have become more than that but dot’ want to “jinx” the relationship. Or they decide that their group of friends might not understand. And they think maybe keeping it a secret is a good idea in case things do not work out. Then the friends would never have to know.

Many co-workers who start dating keep the secret for the same reason. Things would just be easier at work if other people did not know, while it is happening in case it ends. And with work situations, where such dating might be discouraged, it will be necessary to keep the relationship secret.

But by keeping it a secret for those reasons, it is as if you are saying that it is not going to work out. At least, you are showing that you have serious doubts about it. How healthy does it seem to be in a relationship that you believe it would not last, so much so that you are keeping it a secret?

While the relationship might be thrilling at first and seem like an adventure, the best way to have secret relationships is that both understand the situation.

How To Keep A Woman Happy

Do you want to know how to keep a woman happy? It is not easy to do but once you master it, you will win the heart of your woman forever. Tt is worth a try right.

Woman sometimes just needs to have someone to talk to. Men are programmed to find solutions to every problem . Woman do not want to be look after or solve every issue being raise but just to be listen to.

Yes I know woman can spend two hours on the phone to a friend that she is meeting that afternoon. It goes back to the days of cavemen. Whilst the men were out hunting, the women were at home where their ability to bond with others was directly proportionate to their chances of survival. They depended on the other women to look after them and their families should they fall sick. Childbirth in those days often resulted in a death sentence for these women.

Women like to go to the toilets in twos and threes. It is just a girl thing and the sooner you come to accept it the better. Do not get paranoid, we are not going to discuss to you in detail - that will happen tomorrow.

Buy your lady flowers. But rather than buying her a bunch of roses, send her one of her favorite flowers every so often. This way she will know that you are thinking of her rather than just making a grand gesture.

Little things mean a lot to most women. So regardless of the fact that you are working 60 plus hours per week to pay your mortgage or put the kids through school, always find time to ring her at least twice a day. Ring to say that you miss her and then ring her back later on to tell her what time you expect to be home.

Say thank you when she does something ordinary. Everyone including women like to be appreciated so if you come home and it is obvious she has cleaned the bathroom, notice it and make an effort to keep it clean. That means helping your towel to find its way off the bathroom floor.

If your woman has had a hard day at the office, run her a hot bath and hand her a glass of chilled wine whilst you put the kids to bed and prepare dinner. Do not ruin it by expecting sexual favors in return. In a recent survey, when women were asked what would make them happy, one of the most common answers was to be kissed without being groped!

Surprise her with a note under her pillow telling her how much you love her or appreciate her. She will probably assume you have done something wrong and wonder if you are feeling guilty but underneath she will be pleased.

Making a woman happy involves doing the little things in life just that little bit more.

Need Help For Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Many times men ask their friends how do I get my ex girlfriend back? Honestly, I thought it was a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

My male friends have finished with girls for:

1) wearing the wrong type of shoes!
2) Her mother
3) The new barmaid at his favorite bar smiled at him.

You should know that a pretty face can turn any man's head and there is the dreaded notion that a woman may turn into her mother - the wrong type of shoes? If women did not date men because of the clothes they were wearing the human race would have died out long ago. Behind every well dressed man is a good woman- in early life his mother and later his wife!

I always tell my men friends that they need to make a list before they break up with their partners. On one side of the list, you put her good points. Do you find her interesting? Does she look after you? Does she cook for you? Does she laugh at your jokes? Are you attracted to her?

On the other side of the list, they can put the things that wind them up. she may nag at little too much but then if you put the toilet seat down she might stop. She may not want more than a cuddle every evening but five times a week does not mean that she does not care.

Writing the good and bad points of your life together down on paper may seem like a cold approach but it is a very practical way of seeing what a great relationship you do/did have. You need to compare the two lists and decide if you should be breaking up with this woman. If you are doing it after the event, it also helps to clarify if you made the right decision to finish the relationship. Sometimes we regret breaking up as we end up feeling lonely. But loneliness is not a reason to get back together.

If you have dumped the lady in your life but now know it was the wrong decision you need to act fast. Great life partners do not grow on trees. She has shown that she will put up with you in all your glory - how many women would be mad enough to do that?

Take a leaf out Richard Gere's book and put some romance back into her life. Send her flowers - not a bunch of red roses but some of her favorites things.

How To Win Your Love Back - Katie And Brad Example

Here is an example of 2 people on a relationship that almost lost their love.

Katie made a major mistake. She saw Brad talking to her best friend Andrea and thought he was flirting with her. Katie worked herself into a fury and broke up with Brad.

It turns out that he was really consulting Andrea on how to put together a surprise romantic Valentine’s date. He was really hurt that Katie would think so little of him and did not want to have to do anything to do with her after that.

You may think that you can not win your love back after such a situation. But here is what Katie did to get Brad back.

Here is what happen. Brad was not talking to her, so she could not discuss the situation with him. But she could write him a letter. She got some nice paper and hand wrote an apology. She admitted that she had flown off the handle. She also told him what she liked about him and about the relationship. Finally, she expressed gratitude for his thoughtfulness in planning a romantic date.

Then, she shut up. She did not call, text or email him for a week. By not pestering him, she gave him time to work through his emotions.

After a week, she sent him a short and sweet “thinking of you” email. She kept it casual.

Brad was obviously nuts about Katie because he was willing to go to the trouble of impressing her on Valentine’s day. But, he was also hurt. Because Katie had apologized and given him time to work through his emotions, he was able to respond to the “thinking of you” email.

The night he got the email, he called Katie. She tried to keep things light and fun. Brad appreciated that. So, he suggested they meet for coffee and Katie agreed.

Katie went out of her way to look like a million bucks. She wore the earrings Brad had given her for Christmas and she put on the perfume that he liked so much.

Katie decided that she would only talk about positive things. She especially tried to bring fond memories into the conversation. She also asked about his family because that would reinforce their shared history and closeness.

Brad appreciated this. He loved Katie and did not want things to end. But, he did not want a repeat of the situation either. He needed to be reassured that their life together would not be filled with needless drama. He also needed to know that talking to another woman would not set off fireworks.

The couple agreed that they would take the relationship to a less intense level. They would really court each other again. They would stop taking each other for granted.

A year later, Brad and Katie agree that the break up may have actually saved their relationship over the long haul. While Katie initially flew off the handle, her calm handling of the situation afterward made it possible for them to move on. She showed you can win your love back.

Damped Boyfriend Behaving Badly

Sam was a dumped boyfriend. His girlfriend Keri had been unable to attend a party with him, but he wanted to go anyway. He ended up making out with another girl and of course, one of Keri’s friends could not wait to tell her the news.

Keri called Sam that night and told him that she never wanted to see him again. She called him a number of unprintable names as well.

Of course, Sam felt bad about the whole situation. He knew he made a bad judgment, but did not think that one evening of bad behavior should end a good relationship.

So, Sam jumped right in and tried to win Keri back. But matters get worse.

First of all, when Keri called, he constantly lie. Rather than apologizing and moving forward, he begged Keri to take him back. She, of course, was in no mood to do so. She was justifiably angry.

Then, Sam pursue her the next few days aggressively. She got more than a hundred texts from him in 6 days. He called at least 3 times a day including once at one o'clock in the morning . He sent flowers to her at work.

Then, a week later, completely desperate, he went and sang love songs under her window. Her neighbors called the police.

Sam first problem was that he did not give Keri a chance to breathe. She needed some space to decide whether to go on with the relationship.

When nothing seemed to work, Sam decided on another tack. He started seeing other girls and flaunting it in her face.

Keri had a friend named Robin who never seemed to be able to get a date. Sam asked Robin out and she accepted. Then, Sam called Keri and asked her where Robin would like to go on their date. Sam thought that Keri would be jealous when she heard he was dating her friend.

But Keri was furious. She felt that Sam was taking advantage of Robin to get back at her. And, she felt Robin was selling her out. Sam was making no headway here.

When Keri started dating a new guy, Sam did everything possible to disparage the boyfriend. He tried to compare the new guy unfavorably to himself.

Unfortunately, by this time, Sam had burned all of his bridges. Keri had moved on and did not want to have anything to do with Sam.

The relationship could have not ended this way. She could have forgiven Sam for his lapse at the party. But, because Sam acted like an oaf afterwards, he lost the ability to get her back. If you are a dumped boyfriend, do not be like Sam.

What To Do With An Ex That Wants to Get Back

I Have An Ex Boyfriend Who Wants To Get Back. How Do I Go About It

If you have an ex boyfriend who wants to get back, pretty much you are no doubt struggling to keep your composure and your dignity! Well the honest truth is that if you fail to hold onto to your composure and your dignity, then any chance of getting your ex boyfriend back will probably be lost.

So, it is time to stop acting like a pouting princess and instead start behaving like a responsible and mature young woman who understand what she wants and is capable of making tough decisions.

Now, discovering that you have an ex boyfriend that wants to get back means you are really going to need to look at whatever it was that caused the split between the two of you in the first place. If you dumped him suddenly because of something that he did and you have now put what happened into perspective, then without a doubt, you are going to have to do some apologizing and back peddling. So take a deep breath, stay calm and go and see him. Tell him that you have had time to think and you are now ready to forgive and forget. Not only that, you would also like to apologize for any over reaction on your part. With any luck that will be the end of the rift and you will have succeeded in getting him back.

However, if there is more to it or he does not accept your apology and you find you still have an ex boyfriend to get back, then you are going to have to do some more work.

Look at yourself! If you find yourself constantly in turmoil with your love life, then take a long hard look at what might be causing the problem. If you have issues about your own behavior that has caused comments from others or that you are not happy with, then face them. Truth is, if you are going to make a success of this relationship or any future relationship, then you have to take the long hard walk and sort yourself out.

Here are some clues! Avoid making decisions when you are emotional. You will probably make a ton of wrong decisions if you are not calm and have not thought through outcomes and consequences. Especially true, if you have an ex boyfriend to get back, because emotions and gestures are definitely the wrong approach to take to a love life in turmoil.

So, think clearly and take your time about your approach to win him back. Present him with valid and tangible reasons why this time around the relationship will work out.

Surviving A Break Up

Are you in the process of surviving a break up? It may seem like there is no hope. But, really there is.

First of all, you have to decide whether the relationship is really over or whether it is just a temporary situation. Some people find that their separation becomes even stronger after a break up.

But other times, you know that it is over and you need to go about mourning the relationship. Your ex was probably the person who you were closest to in the whole world. Now, you need to find people you can trust and other activities to replace him or her.

Sometimes you can turn to friends and family members to discuss the situation. If they are sympathetic and allow you to do the talking that you need to do, this is an optimal situation.

Unfortunately, most people are consumed with their own situations. They have little patience for dealing with other people’s problems and concerns. While they may listen for the first couple of days, their basic belief will be “get over it.”

If this is the case, you may want to consider going to a counselor. A therapist will help you work through the issues that caused your relationship to dissolve. Many people have found that a counselor is the best person to help you in surviving a break up.

At some point, you have to start to move on. One of the best ways to do this is to exchange all of the personal items you have with your ex. Most of the time, this means clothes, but there are other items which you can keep.

If there are things like toothbrushes that do not merit an exchange, throw them away. If you have personal gifts that you do not want to give back, box them up and put them away for the time being. You do not want to have anything that reminds you of your ex lying around the house for the time being.

Then, start focusing on how you can improve yourself. Because you were part of a couple for so long, you referenced yourself as “we.” Now, it is all about “me.” And, that is not a bad place to be in.

You can now do the things you want. She did not like gambling? You can now go to the guys’ poker night. He did not like chick flicks? Rent all the movies you missed.

And, start doing a self improvement campaign. Go work out. Take some classes. Join a hiking group.

Start to meet new people, particularly people who can be friends not lovers. These people will provide a valuable network for you now and in the future.

Finally, at some point, you have to put yourself back on the market again. Go to single’s events or check out online dating sites. When you find someone new who you really like, you know you will be finally over your ex.

And that is how to go about surviving a break up.

Steps When Break Up With Boyfriend

Have you just broken up with a guy? Are you lost without him? Do you wonder if you can get him back? Here is some suggestions about a boyfriend break up.

First of all, decide whether the relationship is truly over. Until you are able to say that he is part of your past and not your present and future, you will not be able to move on.

This is not to say that you have to put him in the past right away. There are a number of steps you can take to get him back. You can stay part of his life in a casual way hopping to become boyfriend and girlfriend again.

But, if you are ready to move on, there are a number of steps you can take to reach closure. Closure is the process where you recognize that the relationship is over and you start to heal.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is communicate your your hurt feeling. There are several ways to do this:

· Talk to friends and family who are truly sympathetic and can help you work through your feelings. A true friend will do this.
· Go into short term therapy so you can work through your feelings with a dispassionate third party
· Write down your feelings in a journal, in poetry, or in music. This is an inexpensive way to express yourself and does not require anyone else to participate.

Once you have come to some level of closure, get rid of anything you have of your ex’s. These things will only remind you of him. Some things you may not want to give back because they have value. Other things you can just throw it away. And, if he is given you gifts that you want to keep, box them up and store them for the time being.

Next, figure out how you are going to spend your time now that you are not part of a couple. You may feel that time hangs heavy on your hands. Or, you may find that you are liberated by not having to do everything your ex wanted you to do.

Get involved in things that make you happy. Go to the gym so that you look and feel good. Spend some time getting pampered at the spa. Take a Spanish class at the community center. Or, start to volunteer work.

By doing things that please you, you will become a happier person. You will find that you will less miss the relationship.

One of the ways you will know that you are over your ex is that you will start to develop feelings for a new guy. Maybe these will be reciprocated. Eventually, you will find a new man and form a new relationship. That will be when you know you have really moved on. The boyfriend break up would not be so serious any more.

Did Your girlfriend Break up With You?

Did your girlfriend break up with you? You are not the first guy to go through this. In fact, girls initiate three quarters of the break ups while guys only dump the girl in one quarter of the situations. Therefore, guys have to deal with being dumped far more often than girls do.

Compounding the problem is the impression that men are supposed to deal with their emotions stoically. While women are allowed to dissect every part of their relationship, men are expected to roll with the punches.

But this does not mean that men do not have emotions. They hurt when women dump them. A girlfriend break up is quite painful.

First of all, men tend to place more value on stable relationships than women do. While a man might be interested in a fling with a woman who is not his girlfriend, what he really wants is someone who will be there in good times and bad.

But, once your girlfriend has dumped you, it is important to figure out how to pick up the pieces and go on with your life.

First of all, you should find some way to express yourself. Girls can do this by writing poetry or talking about the relationship endlessly with their friends. Men often do not feel comfortable with these options. But, if you play the guitar or piano, try writing some music that allows you to express your feelings. Many of the great songs are about the pain of breaking up.

Next, you need to clear out your place of all of the things that remind you of her. If she has clothes at your house, give them back. Throw away her toothbrush. And, if she has given you any gifts that you want to keep, box them up for the time being until you can look at them without having turbulent emotions.

You will want to close off communications with her, at least for the short term. If either of you owe the other money, try to settle up so that would not be an avenue for talking.

Then tell your ex that you want to go silent for a while. That means no calls, texts, or emails. Give each other space. In time, you may be able to be friends again, but right now you both need to give each other the space to heal.

Then, you need to get out of the house. Make a point of playing pick up basketball with your friends. Go out to a bar from time to time. Become a big brother to an underprivileged kid.

Then, start to get back into the dating scene once again. At first, you can have casual dates that may not lead to anything. But, over time, you will meet someone you really care about.

The Power of Words

This touches my heart. Go and watch it.

How To Get Over A Break Up When Your Heart Is Broken

Few things are more painful than having your heart broken.

Both men and women experience the pain of breaking up. Sometimes you are the one who called it off and other times your ex did, but in either case, there is a feeling of bad pain on both sides. And, sometimes the break up happened for good reasons while other times it seemed to go up in a puff of smoke for no reason at all. These can be the most painful of all.

If you do not go about getting over the break up though, there can be some serious consequences. Do not fall into the trap of lingering over a lost love. The worst trap of all is to start to write a “victim story” that makes you the protagonist in a tale of love gone bad.

First of all, you should realize that if you do not get over your ex, it will be toxic to any future relationship you might have.

Second, realize that you can not run away from it, medicate it, or suppress it. You have to face the pain head on and deal with it.

There is no way out of a broken heart. There is only a way through. Accept that there is going to be pain. Use the time during this period to understand the feeling of being hurt. Some ways to do this are to write in a journal, get counseling, or pour your heart out in song. Realize there are no quick solutions to getting over break up.

Next, you need to examine whether there is anything in your past that would have lead to this break up. For instance, did the abuse in your childhood cause you to be an abuser in this relationship? Take note of those things because they will help you foster healthier relationships in the future.

Do not paint yourself as the victim of the relationship either. Take responsibility for your actions. While your ex may have been the one whose “fault” was the immediate cause of the break up, the truth is that the underlying circumstances were caused by both of you.

By getting rid of your “victim story” you become a healthier person, more attractive partner for a future boyfriend or girlfriend. You will begin to see that your “victim story” was composed of beliefs, attitudes and thoughts that color your perceptions about everything. It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

When you handle your broken heart badly, you perpetuate your pain. You will never go about getting over break up.

But, when you can handle your emotions with the ultimate goal of letting them go, you enable the process of healing.

Getting over a broken heart takes hard work. It also takes time. Do not underestimate the factors which go into curing your heartbreak.

You have just lost a person who was extremely important to your life. But, use this time for your personal growth and you will become a stronger person and have better relationships in the future. That is how you really go about getting over break up.

Strategies To Win Back Lost Lost Love

We all have emotions and love is the strongest passion of them all. Therefore, when love ends, it may seem fatal. But there are ways to win back lost love. We will look at five strategies to pursue when you are trying to get your lover back.

First of all, you need to be honest to yourself and to each other. If there were underlying problems in your relationship, it is essential that you address them. For instance, if housework was a big issue, you need to address it before you can get back together. If you are messy and your ex was a neat freak, it can cause a considerable amount of stress in the relationship. If one person felt they were doing all the housework, it can cause a strain. Finances are another area where there can be strain. To win back lost love, you have to address these areas before you get back together.

Next, you need to be a dependable person. If you have broken up already, you need to be dependable as an ex. You need to be there when he or she needs you, even though you no longer have a “responsibility” to. For instance, if she is moving, lend a helping hand and your truck. If he needs someone to type his resume, do it for him.

Third, encourage your ex. One of the things people miss when they break up is the encouragement their partner gives them. So, to win back lost love, try to find out where they are discouraged and cheer them up. If they are having a performance review at work, send an email timed to get there right before the meeting. If they are singing a solo at church, show up to give them some moral support.

Fourth, listen to them when they call. Most of the time after a break up, there is some level of communication. Often, this degenerates into fights. But, if you really listen to the things your ex is telling you, you may be able to figure out a way to get back into their life. Encourage them to share their problems with you. Do not try to solve them. Just let them express their concerns with life. Be a sounding board.

Fifth, do not sit on the sidelines. Life is meant to be played on the playing field. If you sit on the sidelines, it is likely that someone else will become the quarterback of their life. Do not give up on the relationship unless you are ready to move on yourself. Things are not going to get better on their own. You have to go out and make things better.

If you want to win back lost love, you have to take this five part action guide to heart. You have to be proactive.

The most important thing is to show you really care about your ex and tell him or her that you do care. You should not be worried if they date other people because they will come back to you if you are the right person for them.

You should know that it is possible to win back lost love. Now go out there and do it!