Why Do Men Leave Their Wife

Women find it challenging to keep their marriages without turning into separation or divorce. Why do men leave their wife and what can you do to make sure it does not happen to you.

The truth is that our society has made it complicated for men and women to find long term loving relationships. Why? Because our society has adopted the rules that are based on inaccurate information.

The most obvious misconception is the idea that men only want sex and/or have a much higher sex drive than women. The truth is that men and women have similar sex drives but men have been encouraged, by society, to fulfill their needs while women have been discouraged from having sex until they are married.

This leads to many misunderstandings between men and women and how they approach their relationships. It might mean a man will be more tempted to cheat on his wife because after all, it is in his nature. And women uses sex with the hopes of keeping her husband to stay in the marriage.

If we got to the bottom of the truth, men and women want basically the same things in a relationship. Both want to feel loved, respected, and desired by their partners. When you break it down it does not really seem all that hard, does it?

To keep your marriage strong try to meet both your needs not just one. Because of the way our society has taught us to behave, women have the tendency to think to meet the men needs and ignoring their own. No! this will only make you resentful and bitter and that would not keep a marriage intact.

While it is important to try to meet your husbands needs first, it can not be done to the detriment of your own. Do not put your wants and needs on hold to satisfy your husband, you will be unhappy, he will be unhappy (and bored) and the marriage would not last. For a marriage to thrive both parties need to be happy, healthy, stable, and have their needs being met constantly.

Finally men leave their wife because his needs are not being met, and it does not just mean his sexual needs. What this mean is he does not feel being love, desire, or respect and he will try to find someone who will.

How To Challenge To Add Spark Into Your Relationship

Are you wondering how you can challenge your girlfriend. Are you afraid if you do, you might be dumped? Women often like their men to be a tough. They seem to respect those men who are not afraid to face challenge more than the man who agrees with everything. Sure they may complain their boyfriends are awkward but underneath they like it.

So how can you challenge your love of your life without taking this too far and end up being dumped very quickly which you do not want to happen. If you think your partner is taking you for granted, become a little less available. The next time she rings or texts to arrange last minute plans be unavailable. Have alternative arrangements in place even if it means you are washing your hair. She will slowly get the message that you have a life and while she is important to you, she may not be the axis your world turns on.

If you are always the one to initiate nights out, try taking a back seat and see what happens. Will she organize things instead . If you send her flowers every week, skip one and see what her reaction is. I am not suggesting you start ignoring the woman in your life but if you have been acting like a doormat it is time to change. It is nice for a man to pay for dinner on the first date but you should not always have to pay particularly if you have similar incomes. If you earn less than her, she should definitely be paying her way most of the time.

Arrange nights out with your own friends and go out alone. Even people involved in a couple deserve a night out alone every so often. Your girlfriend may not like it but so long as you behave yourself why should not you go without her.

You do not need to radically change your personality and become someone you are not. It will only make you uncomfortable. In answering how to be a challenge to your girlfriend, you are looking to make small changes to put the spice back into the relationship. If you always concentrate on her pleasure in the bedroom, start becoming a little more demanding. If you always initiate sex, take a back seat for a little while and let her worry about why you are not as eager as you once were.

Do not behave like you are always eager to please her.It may be fun for a little while but most girls will eventually get bored with your behavior. A new man will come along who offers them a challenge and they will dump you. If you love this woman, you need to learn the secrets of a successful relationship, otherwise you will be single again.

How To Become A Romantic Partner

Sometimes in a relationship due to luck of understanding of your good intention it turn out into a disaster. It is no wonder we are confused whether we are doing the right thing. Like the last time I bought my partner roses. She was going out on that night out and I thought she would be surprised. She was but he is wondering what I had done that I had to buy her red roses. So my expensive gesture fell flat on its face. She blamed me for ruining her night out and we ended up having an argument. In hindsight it was a little silly sending her flowers to her office when I knew she was going out on the town that Friday night.

These are the types of mistakes I used to make all the time. Instead of making my relationship happier, it only led to more unpleasant gesture. In desperation I started to buy Magazines relating to woman's insight but it did not work. Eventually I decided to bought a relationship course.

I was not aware that there is a recipe for relationship success. Sure some people have it without resorting to books but these people are in the minority. Others, like me, are constantly wondering why they get it wrong so often. It can get so bad that you end up wondering whether I have a wrong partner. But the truth is that communication between the two sexes is not always easy. There are plenty of mixed messages and confusing signals.

Men do not find it easy to talk to other about their bad relationship whereas it would seem that women can talk about it all the time. You need to listen when they want to chat, in fact they find this romantic. Grand gestures like the red roses are easy to arrange. You just phone the florist and give them your credit card number. It takes a lot more effort to clean the house and cook a special dinner as a surprise for when she gets home. Or if you have kids, find a babysitter and take your partner out for the evening.

Why do you think so many couples who appear well suited break up? They have not all had affairs. In fact if you ask them why they have broken up, they usually can not tell but more often they want to get back with their ex. But you will often find that they have not spent any time on their own together recently.

Let me tell you if you think it is difficult to answer how to be romantic with your girlfriend, you should try doing it when she is your ex! So do not make the same mistakes I did. Get a blueprint to having a successful happy relationship today and soon all your friends will be asking you for relationship advice.

How To Be Nice With Your Girlfriend In Your Life

If you notice that there is something wrong with your relationship, you wonder how you can show her how to be nice. You must act fast as she may get fed up and decide to end your relationship.

First thing you should do is read a few books on relationships to guide you on how you can handle the situation. You need to treat the woman in your life with respect. If you are living together, then do not expect her to do everything around the house. Sure, she may be a better cook than you are but that does not mean that you can not do dinner some evenings. Or you could let her cook but be the one to set the table and tidy away afterwards.

Some men have a gift for instinctively they know how to treat a woman, but for the rest of us it can be a little complicated. Until I read about some techniques. My girlfriend was amazed. In fact it almost backfired as she thought another woman was teaching me how to behave. Not the result I was hoping for but thank goodness once I showed her my latest reading material she believed me. In fact she was very impressed I cared enough to learn the skills. Prior to this, I had not been showing interest in our relationship . I thought I was doing everything right, I took her out to dinner, brought her flowers and some jewelry but according to her I had forgotten how to listen. And that is more important than my over the top gestures!

Obviously it will depend on the situation with your relationship. If you are asking how to be nice to your girlfriend you are obviously worried that you are missing something. Why not try sitting down with your partner and ask her how she is feeling. Ask her if she is happy or is there something wrong. Some women like gestures whereas others, like my girlfriend simply wanted my attention. I found out that women like to chat even if there is nothing important to say. They actually enjoy talking to us and listening to our views so long as we also listen to them. But they hate when we try to fix every problem. Just because they tell us they are having an issue at work or with a friend, does not mean that they want us to solve it for them. They may just want reassurance they are handling the situation properly by themselves. They may simply be using you to validate her action.

If you want to be together for the rest of your life, you need to learn how to communicate properly. Then you would not be wondering how to be nice to your girlfriend.

Do You Feel Your Relationship Becoming Boring

Do you feel your relationship getting a little boring? Feeling like every day is the same as the day before? How would you like to bring back the excitement and fun you felt when you first fell in love? Think it is impossible? It is not.

Find out, if you know why a person fell in love with you in the first place, and how you can make that person fall in love with you all over again. The trick is figure out why he/she fell in love with you from the start.

How do you do that? You ask. Bear in mind asking, “Why do you love me?” is not the best question to ask in this instance. If you do not believe me, ask your mom why she loves your dad. She will likely say “I don't know exactly why I love him, I just do.”

But the truth is that people fall in love with someone because of how that person makes them feel about themselves. So if you want to find out exactly what it was that started it all, way back when, ask your partner what it was you made them feel, about themselves, when they first began to fall in love .

You may feel like he/she was the most sexy man on the planet, or you made her feel like she was intelligent and interesting. In any case, whatever you made your partner feel about themselves, is a sure indication that feeling makes that person very happy.

Knowing what makes your partner very happy, what makes him/her feel really good about themselves makes helping them to fall in love with you again a pretty simple way.

How? Because once you know how you made other feel about him/herself you will have the key to unlocking those feelings of falling in love again over and over in your lives, as many times as you want.

So go ahead and try it today. Ask your partner, “How did I make you feel, about yourself, when we were dating or when we first met?” Then, once you have the answer, do whatever you need to do to bring back that feeling again.

How Do You Feel About Your Ex Now

Everyone experiences an emotions that are quite difficult to understand. This is because many emotions and feelings are very personal issues, which are not often talk about. So, it is easy to see how a great number of people can be confused about their feelings for their exes. In fact, it is not unusual for someone to think, "Do I still love my ex?"--even for months or years after the relationship has ended.

You have to figure out your feelings for your ex to help you to move on to new and more successful relationships. Any unresolved emotions dealing with your ex could actually impact your future relationships and it is fair to the person your having a new relationship. Once you figure out whether or not you still love your ex, you will be able to deal with the issue and then move on from there.

Determine what your feelings are for your ex. Take a look at the following questions and think about your answers. Your answers will tell you what you feel for your ex.

• Do you still feel a strong desire to see your ex?

If you still love your ex, you likely want to see your ex or talk to your ex on the phone quite often. Perhaps you have called your ex’s voice mail just to hear his or her voice, or maybe you have driven by your ex’s house or place of work in hopes of seeing him or her outside. Or, you may have "accidentally" bumped into your ex at a restaurant or bar.

• Do you often think about your ex?

If you still love your ex, chances are he or she is on your mind constantly. Whenever a love song comes on the radio or whenever you happen to see a romantic scene on the television or in the movies, you immediately think of your ex. When something interesting or upsetting happens in your life, the first person you think to call is your ex.

• What about about your ex being with someone else?

If you are still in love with your ex, the thought of him or her being with someone else probably makes you feel very jealous. The very idea of it might make you feel sick inside, or it may make you feel angry at the other person.

Have you figured out how you feel about your ex? Did you decide that yes, I still love my ex? It would not be surprising most people who wonder about their feelings for their exes do still feel attached which need to be addressed.

Make a final decision whether you want to get back together or do you want to get over your ex? Think about this carefully, and then do a search for more information on whichever option you choose.

I Was Broken- Hearted

It is a normal part of life to experience both joy and sorrow. Everyone of us experience the same feeling at times. This is likely of little consolation to you if you are currently feeling the heartbreak of an ended relationship. It is quite difficult to make the transition, dreaming one day you will spend your life with someone and knowing that your dream meant nothing. If someone broke your heart, your life seems falling apart.

Feeling broken-hearted are rather confusing to some. There is a lot of pain and sorrow, a sense of grief when we loss someone. This happens because when your heart is broken, you feel as if you have lost a large part of your life as well as a part of yourself; therefore, it is only natural to grieve for the loss.

The depth of your feelings from heart-broken will depend upon the depth of your relationship and the strength of the feelings you had for your girlfriend. For the first few weeks after the break-up, you may feel as if your heart has fallen out and will never return. You may also feel as if the heartbreak will never end. All of this is perfectly natural, both for men and for women who experience heartbreak.

It may take several weeks or a few months for you to ease the pain and feel a bit normal again but then, you may relapse into the depths of despair once again. It may be difficult for those around you to truly understand how you are feeling and how deeply you are being hurt because every broken heart is different. When a woman breaks your heart, it may leave deep scars on your heart that remain there forever.

You may feel physically and psychologically uncertain throughout your recovery period. It is not unusual to experience some of the following symptoms:

• Stomach aches or loss of appetite
• Difficulty sleeping
• Loss of self-respect or self-esteem
• Nausea
• Extreme fatigue
• Tightness of the chest, similar to an anxiety attack
• Feelings of hopelessness

Most of these symptoms will eventually settle down and of short duration.However, anyone experiencing long-term or more severe suffering should certainly seek the help of a doctor.

Even though your heart was broken, you will recover and you will even learn to love again. It may not seem possible now because you are grieving your loss and need to come to terms with how your life will be. However, trust that as time pass on, you will heal. Just as your body heals from physical injuries, your mind and soul will heal from psychological suffering. As each day your hurt will ease, little by little. Soon your heartbreak will be a memory of the past.

Effective Ways To Save Marriage

According to statistic, nearly sixty percent of marriages fail. Many couples are looking into ways to avoid becoming that statistic. Although some marriages cannot be fixed, still many can. It takes dedication and determination on the part of both the husband and the wife to help save their marriage, regardless of what the underlying problems are or who is at fault.

Here are some effective ways to help save marriage. In order , for these to work, both the husband and wife must be committed to following these guidelines and work together to solve their differences.

1. Communicate. This is absolutely essential for making a marriage work and last. You both must clearly state how you feel, your opinions, your wants and needs to each other. By discovering what each of you feel is wrong in your marriage, you can work towards a solution.

2. Try to be calm. When you are having problems in your marriage it is easy to get upset. Approach your problems with a level head and voice. Being hurtful or disrespectful to your spouse will not help solve the problem.

3. Compromise. It takes two in a marriage, so both of your views must be respected. If you give a little, you may get a lot and be happier.

4. Set goals. Goals give you direction. Make sure to set goals in your marriage that reflect both of your views and determine what you both need to do to get there.

5. Be patient. It takes time to work on problems in a marriage. Make sure that you are patient with your spouse as well as with yourself as you work towards fixing problems. Rushing to fix things can have an adverse effect.

6. Be forgiving and forget. Depending on your situation, this can be difficult, especially if your partner was unfaithful. If you want to save your marriage in spite of infidelity, you will have to try and forgive so that you can work together to preserve your marriage. Forgetting about what have done may not be easy either. If you want to move on, it is essential that you are not dwelling on the past. Focus on the here and now and what you can both do to make your marriage better.

7. Get counseling. If you cannot work out your differences, counseling can help. A good counselor can help you with guidance, support, encouragement and give you unbiased views that can give you insight on how to correct the problems in your marriage. They can help you find the right solutions and methods based on what is best for you as a couple for the problems that are being faced.

It is very important that both agree to counseling and intend to take an active role in your sessions for counseling to be an effective tool to help in your marriage. When choosing a counselor, make sure that they are licensed professionals and that you feel comfortable working with them.

Reasons Why Some Men Leave Pregnant Women

There are many reasons why some men leave pregnant women. If the woman is his wife then it will probably be completely unexpected; after all he is committed to the marriage in the first place.

Other than the unexpectedness of a married man leaving his pregnant wife, it is usually pretty easy to spot the type of 'man' who would leave his pregnant girlfriend. Women need to use common sense before they get intimately involved with any man.

First of all if you are entering into an intimate relationship with a man before knowing him, you have to be aware that there are many potential dangers besides unexpected pregnancy. If you have been in the relationship for awhile, there have probably been many signs that this guy is a loser.

Women by nature are too easy to forgive bad behavior in the men they date. They will say things like "he's got a good heart', "that's just the way he was raised", "it's a guy thing", etc. to justify their boyfriends behavior. If you are this type of woman you should seek counseling so you can understand the consequences for this type of relationship.

The truth is that some men just do not like women and they keep on treating women badly. For some guys it can be a real ego boost to treat his girlfriend like a commodity. If you are in a relationship with this type of guy you can be sure he will leave you if you accidentally got pregnant.

Any man who is verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive will likely leave you whenever the relationship is not convenient for him. If your man shows any of these traits you should make sure that you do not accidentally get pregnant. Even if he does not leave you, he will become abusive and once you are with a child that abuse is almost guaranteed to increase.

So if you are with a man who does not treat you with love, affection, and respect, do not be surprised if you find yourself on your own if you become pregnant.

Open Up To Heal Relationship

Many times people will find themselves in a relationship that used to be good, loving, and strong. But somehow, somewhere, things changed. Now they want to get that loving relationship back. The first thing is making sure there is an openness to healing relationships.

Most relationships that have broken down have done so over a period of time and usually because they feel they are being hurt by someone they love. These feeling have accumulated over a period of time and are taken on a life of their own. Over period of time we tend to shut ourselves off from our partner because we do not want to be hurt anymore. Once that happens you will need to make sure you can open up again and attempt to heal the relationship. Before you decide to fix your broken relationship you have to make sure that you are willing to open yourself up to the possibility of confrontation and you may feel hurt.

Is your partner willing to open up and work on the relationship? Many times one partner is more interested in saving the relationship than another. If that is the case and your partner has made it clear not to continue the relationship any longer, then you might as well call it quits. You can not do it all yourself and you can not force your partner to try.

If on the other hand, you both agree that you will try to work on the relationship the first thing you both need to do is look at yourselves and your partner needs. Try to honestly figure out what part you have played in the breakdown of the relationship and whether or not you will be committed to making the changes necessary to fix it. Again, both of you have to admit contributed to the break down of the relationship and both are willing to try to change.

The next thing you will both need to do is talk to each other. This does not mean yelling, intimidating, or getting mad. It means an open, adult discussion about how you feel. You have to be able to honestly speak your mind and explain what you think has happened, how it can be fixed,and what you are willing to do to help fix it.

This step is vitally important. This is the part where someone could get hurt feelings and that could lead to a big blowout. In order for this to work, it is crucial that you both give the other person time to talk, and not get mad or defensive about what other person have to say.

If you are sure and your partner really have an openness to healing relationships, and you are willing to work on the steps I have listed here, then the two of you will get back to a place in your relationship where you can be happy to be together again.

How to Heal A Broken Relationships

Healing a broken relationship will be a challenge. How much of a challenge will depend on many things. The first things you should go about fixing your relationship is why the relationship is in trouble in the first place. Is your relationship broken because of infidelity? If so, was it you or your partner that cheated? This type of relationship can be fixed but it is the hardest thing to overcome and both partners have to be willing to work very hard to make things right. With infidelity it would seem like the partner who cheated would have to do all the work, but that is not really the case. The truth of the matter is that it will take for the person who was cheated to try to overcome their fear of being hurt again, as well as their anger and desire for revenge.

If your relationship has broken down more gradually over time, this might be a little easier to manage. Of course, it will still take time to work and both will need to be 100% committed to working on it. Many relationships in this category die like a plant in a garden, from lack of nurturing. It is not usually a big thing that ends it but rather a series of small, seemingly unimportant, things that will weaken the relationship to the point where it will break very easily. This type of relationship will take an honest assessment of what each of you has done, or not done, to weaken the relationship.

Once you both admitted that you have played part in the breakdown of the relationship, it is time to sit down with your partner and honestly discuss what went wrong, what you think needs to be done to make it work, as well as what you personally are willing do to fix the relationship.This part of the process will be very difficult and will often lead to some unpleasant argument. Why? Because this is the part where you will have to listen to your partner about your partner's unhappiness with you. This would not be easy for you to hear. And the same goes for your partner. Very often one partner would not be able to deal with what they perceive as criticism when trying to explain the feeling of unhappiness. This is the point where you, and your partner, will need to sort out your differences rationally. If neither one of you is not able to calmly listen while trying to explain it would be very hard to work things out.

Healing a broken relationship is not impossible, but it will take time and effort to work things out. If you both are able to face your faults and be willing to accept your differences ,then you will have an easy time of fixing your relationship.

Maintaining Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a good and healthy long distance relationship can be a challenge. It takes two mature people who can effectively communicate in order to make it work. In this article in order to make your relationship survive there are a few most common problems couples face and how to avoid falling into the same traps in your relationship. One of the first things you and your partner need to do to ensure the continued strength of your relationship is to make sure you both understand each other commitment being truthful and honest at all times. Another thing you and your partner need to do is make sure you have good communication skills. When you are far away from each other for extended periods of time, and you cannot have physical contact, you will have to rely solely on your communication skills to continue to build your relationship. That is why long distance relationships, when they last, are some of the best relationships around. The couple has to learn to communicate effectively to make it work, and they do not get distracted by all the physical attraction. They are able to connect on a deeper level which can often lead to a more fulfilling relationship. If you are an insecure person, though most people would not admit it if they are, you should avoid getting involved in a long distance relationship. Being in this type of relationship requires a great amount of trust, typically people who are insecure see a threat everywhere, even where there isn't one. If you and your partner are overly suspicious, not only will your relationship be a constant battle, it will also be unlikely to work. No good relationship can be based on suspicion and insecurities. You and your partner also need to be careful of the temptation to have a 'fling' with someone while away from your partner. If you want to maintain your long distance relationship you have to know ahead of time that it will be a challenge and you and your partner both have to be committed to making it work, but if you follow my long distance relationship advice you and your partner have a real shot of having a great, long term loving relationship.