Open Up To Heal Relationship

Many times people will find themselves in a relationship that used to be good, loving, and strong. But somehow, somewhere, things changed. Now they want to get that loving relationship back. The first thing is making sure there is an openness to healing relationships.

Most relationships that have broken down have done so over a period of time and usually because they feel they are being hurt by someone they love. These feeling have accumulated over a period of time and are taken on a life of their own. Over period of time we tend to shut ourselves off from our partner because we do not want to be hurt anymore. Once that happens you will need to make sure you can open up again and attempt to heal the relationship. Before you decide to fix your broken relationship you have to make sure that you are willing to open yourself up to the possibility of confrontation and you may feel hurt.

Is your partner willing to open up and work on the relationship? Many times one partner is more interested in saving the relationship than another. If that is the case and your partner has made it clear not to continue the relationship any longer, then you might as well call it quits. You can not do it all yourself and you can not force your partner to try.

If on the other hand, you both agree that you will try to work on the relationship the first thing you both need to do is look at yourselves and your partner needs. Try to honestly figure out what part you have played in the breakdown of the relationship and whether or not you will be committed to making the changes necessary to fix it. Again, both of you have to admit contributed to the break down of the relationship and both are willing to try to change.

The next thing you will both need to do is talk to each other. This does not mean yelling, intimidating, or getting mad. It means an open, adult discussion about how you feel. You have to be able to honestly speak your mind and explain what you think has happened, how it can be fixed,and what you are willing to do to help fix it.

This step is vitally important. This is the part where someone could get hurt feelings and that could lead to a big blowout. In order for this to work, it is crucial that you both give the other person time to talk, and not get mad or defensive about what other person have to say.

If you are sure and your partner really have an openness to healing relationships, and you are willing to work on the steps I have listed here, then the two of you will get back to a place in your relationship where you can be happy to be together again.