Be Gracious And Courteous With Everyone You Meet

"Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. " by Ralph Waldo Emerson -Letters and Social Arms.

 Our hectic lifestyles sometimes cause us to overlook common courtesy and good manners. In any relationship it is important to make sure that the use od courtesy and good manners is a priority. There are many ways to be courteous:

* Be aware of the opportunity to hold a door or lift for someone
* When you are seated while being introduced to someone, rise and offer your hand in greeting
* Assist others with their coats
* Unlock and open your passenger's car door before your own
* Ask how you can assist your host or hostess
* RSVP promptly to invitations
* Send a thank you note after you attend an event.

 You never know if someone you meet is going to be important in your life. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy so that people will enjoy and appreciate to be around you. Being pleasant and cordial adds personal power and warmth to the person around you.

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