Can You Remember The Person That Was Introduced To You Before

It is both proper and courteous to reintroduce yourself to someone you have already met before. A  person will be glad and appreciative if  you reintroduce yourself because it relieves one of the awkwardness of trying to remember who you are. Do not try to make other person guess or try to make one remember your name. Above all, do not say, ' Do you remember me?' You must give support and empower others while putting them at ease.

When you try to reintroduce yourself, if possible, mention where you met the person and how you come to know him. This will help him remember and establish rapport.

For instance - ' My name is ...... and I believe I met you at ....... '

'It's been awhile, but I remember I met you ......My name is .... etc'
Do not make it as if the other person should remember. Simply reintroduced yourself and use this opportunity to further your relationship. By reintroducing yourself,  you will feel  connected to the person and it is likely that she will remember you from now on. You will also avoid any common discomfort to the other person and your previous meeting can be regarded as the ground  to further your relationship.

A person might be glad to be recognized, but do not pretend to be knowing the person,  if you are not. Have this opportunity to build a good relationship with the other person that you previously know and relate to him appropriately.

"It is always a big person who walks up to you and offers his/her hand and say hello"by David J. schwartz, The Magic if Thinking Big.