How To Generate Conversation in a Group of People

'Too often we lose an opportunity to meet someone because we spend previous time trying to think of the perfect opening line' By Susan RoAne 'How to Work a Room'

In an event, it may not be natural for a person to formally introduce oneself by providing your name and telling what you do. However, you can approach a person by a simple question that serves as an opening statement. Then once the conversation is flowing you can start by introducing yourself and what you do at the right time.

It will be a great asset once you learn  the skill of establishing a conversation and rapport. Conversation generators are icebreakers to which a person can actively response. Anyone that can comment, that are made either as a statement or a question, can provide opportunity for others to start a conversation. Whether the conversation goes beyond the comment or not is irrelevant. What matters is that the opportunity for everyone to interact.

It usually relates to a person to whom you have the same thing in common. You will always have something in common in anyone person in the crowd anyway.

Here are some of the conversation you can start with:
' Can you help .... I am looking for .... 
' I didn't realize we have such a big crowd'
' Hello, welcome to the .........'
' What a beautiful venue'
' How did you get involved with ........ Club?
' I hear the guest speaker is an expert in this field'

Conversation with someone in the crowd is like offering your hand, easy to respond to, simple, and straightforward. You do not want to be seem as preaching, teaching, or putting  the person on the spot. You want a person to put at ease.

The best way to handle the situation and feel confident when meeting people are preparation and practice. You need to make a plan so that you are comfortable approaching people. Do some practice with the people whom you know and with your friends or in a situations where you feel comfortable and you will soon  realize that it will just come spontaneous in your part. As meeting with people becomes more natural and much more easier to handle.

Once you gain this social skill, you will feel comfortable with the group of people that will enhance your enjoyment and effectiveness in social and business situations. You will develop greater confidence in your ability to meet people, generate conversation, and  you will discover new opportunities.