Ways To Introduce Yourself

There are proper ways that everyone should observe when  introducing yourself in a social situation. One should be CLEAR,CONCISE, and PERSONABLE to generate interest.

First impression as we all know is the lasting one. Although you may get the chance to alter the first impression, make sure your introductions is strong and positive. It only takes seven to ten seconds to introduce yourself something you have the opportunity to do many times in your life.

The greatest assets one can do is to self-introduction that develops into relationship and rapport while generating interest. When someone asks you "what do you do." do not just say "I am an Accountant" or "I am a Solicitor." These responses only shows who you are, not what you do. The important information you provide to people is what you are doing, what service you offer- something in you  that, you are good at what you do.

Your introduction will either turn off people, leave them cold, or be accepted. Take time to think and develop ways to improve your self-introduction. Here are some guidelines  -

Clear- Be precise on what you do. You want people to be anxious but do not let them be confused.
Concise-Keep it short and simple. Develop "the seven to ten seconds rule" an introduction that says what you want to say in a short sentences.
Distinctive- distinguish yourself  from everyone else while also being professional. You can do this by telling people about what you love to do or other things you are passionate about.
Use simple words - by using common words rather than technical terms you can easily establish and develop relationship.
Engaging - Eye contact, mannerisms, tone of  voice can all contribute how people will perceive you. They will tend to remember your warmth smile, natural reaction, interest and sincerity.

Practice different approaches until you are confident of the words best represent you while getting your message across. Once you have identify the words and phrases, you can adjust your introduction to suit your situation. Practice in front of the  mirror if possible until it becomes natural.At the same time, make it interesting, and generates positive, lasting effect.