How to deal With Lost Love In A Relationship

It always seem to find myself deep in thought about previous relationships and how eventually I lost love. I try to learn from the experiences where I lost love so that I can do better next time and learn from my previous experience.

There are parts of my life where I was absolutely sure that I lost love in a way that was worse than ever before. I always felt as if my life was over at this point and perhaps that I would never find love again. However, as it turns out, each and every time that I lost love, it was only so I can find a better and stronger love in the future.

We all have to remember that love has a spontaneous lifespan just like everything else that we experience in our lives. Every time that I lost love, I realized this, and it helped me become a better person.

Each time that I lost love, I found myself realizing that the lifespan of the most recent relationship was longer than the lifespan of the last relationship, meaning that each relationship brought more meaning and more joy than before. I was growing as a person, even though it did not always seem so at the time.

Typically any time that I lost love, I felt as if I was never going to get it back. I felt as if I was lost forever and would never feel joy, love and happiness again. Thinking about the relationship and that moment I eventually realized that even though the end of the relationship was bad or rocky, I become aware that it teaches me a meaningful life in the process.

Most importantly, I learned that in losing love, a new love comes along again.

As we get older and become more experienced in matters of the heart, our relationship life spans grow, and our love increase and become more powerful and more influential over our lives. That means losing love is a part of gaining love and growing love.

If you are in a position where you have lost love, do not let your willpower to carry on falter. You will either rekindle that love if it is meant to be, or you will find new and better love in the future.