Do You Need Help In Wanting Your Husband Back?

Do you tell people, “I want my husband back?” It’s not uncommon to want your husband back after you split up, no matter how bad things were when you were together. So before you absolutely decide that yes, “I want my husband back,” you should think long and hard about the way things were before you split up.

Think about why you split up in the first place. Was it your fault, his, or both your faults? Sometimes it is hard to tell whose fault it was because so many little things seemed to contribute to the break up.

If there is no obvious reason except one of you had an affair or one of you betrayed the other, then there is a better chance for you to say “I want my husband back” will work out!

If there was an affair or a really big and hurtful problem like that, getting back together will be more of a challenge. But you can still do it, if you both want it and you both work hard at it. If both do not want, it is pretty unlikely that it will happen.

Have you asked your husband if he is interested in getting back together? Do you even know his feelings about it? You might be surprised to find that while you are saying, “I want my husband back!” he is not likely want your relationship settled.

That does not mean that he does not care about you.It is just that something in the relationship was not right for him at the moment and he is no longer afraid to admit that. As bad as that sounds, it does not mean that the relationship can not be fixed.

If he is willing to compromise try some of these techniques, try reading a book about marriage problems out loud over breakfast or in the evening before bed. If you are reading it at the same time, then it is easier for you to discuss what you have just read while it is fresh on your mind.

Do not be upset or alarmed if he does not have any interest in going to counseling. While this does make it harder to get your man back, it can still be done. You can go to the counseling on your own and learn the techniques you need to communicate with him properly.

You can teach him these techniques, either overtly (here, let me show you) or covertly, by simply using them every time you interact. Even if he has no interest in learning anything you learned , the very act of doing the exercises yourself can give you a sense of power you did not have before.

Going to the counseling can give you more knowledge how you can handle him and how you can influence him either for the better or the worse. And since you are alone with the counselor you can talk about some private issues that bother you, as well. Soon, “I want my husband back” could turn into, “I got my husband back.”