Scaping The Final Stages of Break Up

Very few people experience the sudden break up. There is usually a series of stages of breaking up in a relationship.If it comes as a shock, you probably have the reason why you were dumped. You were not paying attention to what was happening between you and your partner. Things like for instance, ignoring you and avoiding spending time with you.

We all get caught up in our own thing from time to time . But when your partner sees less of you than your friends and other family,it can highlight an issue in your relationship. If you do spend time together but are always fighting, you need to stop and break that cycle. Constant arguing achieves nothing and although initially it is fun making up, it can come to a point where you do not even bother trying.

Does your partner trust you? Do you trust them? Lack of trust is also a symptom of a partnership in trouble. If you expect to know where your partner all the time, they will soon see that this is not love. If you are behaving like this, you need to stop right now. Unless your spouse has given you reason not to trust them, you should believe in them and have faith that they will do the right thing.

Do you share your happy feelings and commiserate when you are down or feeling low? Couples who instinctively, know how the other is feeling, will overcome most of the blockage that life can throw at us.

Does your partner share your interests and hobbies? If she has made an effort to get involved, this is a sign that she really cares about you. No-one expects her to join you for your 5am fishing trips but if she seems interested in listening to your stories about what you caught, what size it was, that is a good sign.

Your partner may have asked for a trial separation. This is just an easy way of saying “you are dumped but I can’t say that!” But it does not always have to mean this. Things can go wrong between two people and only time apart will help them to resolve the issues.

So if your lover does suggest this, agree but ask that they come to counseling with you. Show that you do not want the relationship to end as they mean too much to you. Try not to put pressure on your partner and do not resort to emotional blackmail. You cannot force someone to love you but you can turn a bad situation into something a lot worse by appearing desperate or manipulative.

True love is based on understanding and respect. Showing your partner that you know this is a great way to avoid the final stages of breaking up.