Warning Signs of a Break UP

Be cautious and aware of a warning signs of a possible break up . All relationships are different but there are usually similar symptoms of a trouble relationship to look out for:

1) You are being ignore by your partner.

It is not about him not talking to you. Ignoring someone, is where you lose interest in that person. What they are feeling or even where they were. Your love life may need a little work.

Think about why you are being ignore Have you forgotten their birthday or some other special event. Have you been less than loving lately. Are you feeling being neglected. People usually react over something they feel has happened. This could just be their perception but as they are your lover you should try to keep the relationship happy and you need to understand their point of view.

Why not give a surprise nice meal and sit down and talk about what is going on. Communication between couples is not always what it should be; but try to open a line of communication. Who knows where it may lead.

2) Your lover try to avoid seeing you or go out with you.

Does your lover suddenly becomes unavailable and too busy to see. You need to find out what that is. Do not ignore the warning signs. There is no excuse, find out the reason why he is behaving like this. Whatever you do, do not ignore these signals or you could find yourself in receipt of a break up letter.

3) Your partner is distant in the bedroom

While sex is only a three letter word, it can cause huge problems. Just ask any couple who has been together a long time. Sometimes your family or life’s issues can get in the way. Not making love every night is quite normal. What is not normal is not being intimate for months . Couples are held together by shared emotions and feelings. So do not underestimate the power of a cuddle.

In every relationship each one of us knows when one is happy or not. Sometimes their mood will have nothing to do with your actions, but often it is an indication of trouble brewing. Pay attention and look out for the above warnings signs. Otherwise you could find yourself wondering what went wrong with your relationship.