Do You Feel Your Relationship Becoming Boring

Do you feel your relationship getting a little boring? Feeling like every day is the same as the day before? How would you like to bring back the excitement and fun you felt when you first fell in love? Think it is impossible? It is not.

Find out, if you know why a person fell in love with you in the first place, and how you can make that person fall in love with you all over again. The trick is figure out why he/she fell in love with you from the start.

How do you do that? You ask. Bear in mind asking, “Why do you love me?” is not the best question to ask in this instance. If you do not believe me, ask your mom why she loves your dad. She will likely say “I don't know exactly why I love him, I just do.”

But the truth is that people fall in love with someone because of how that person makes them feel about themselves. So if you want to find out exactly what it was that started it all, way back when, ask your partner what it was you made them feel, about themselves, when they first began to fall in love .

You may feel like he/she was the most sexy man on the planet, or you made her feel like she was intelligent and interesting. In any case, whatever you made your partner feel about themselves, is a sure indication that feeling makes that person very happy.

Knowing what makes your partner very happy, what makes him/her feel really good about themselves makes helping them to fall in love with you again a pretty simple way.

How? Because once you know how you made other feel about him/herself you will have the key to unlocking those feelings of falling in love again over and over in your lives, as many times as you want.

So go ahead and try it today. Ask your partner, “How did I make you feel, about yourself, when we were dating or when we first met?” Then, once you have the answer, do whatever you need to do to bring back that feeling again.