How Do You Feel About Your Ex Now

Everyone experiences an emotions that are quite difficult to understand. This is because many emotions and feelings are very personal issues, which are not often talk about. So, it is easy to see how a great number of people can be confused about their feelings for their exes. In fact, it is not unusual for someone to think, "Do I still love my ex?"--even for months or years after the relationship has ended.

You have to figure out your feelings for your ex to help you to move on to new and more successful relationships. Any unresolved emotions dealing with your ex could actually impact your future relationships and it is fair to the person your having a new relationship. Once you figure out whether or not you still love your ex, you will be able to deal with the issue and then move on from there.

Determine what your feelings are for your ex. Take a look at the following questions and think about your answers. Your answers will tell you what you feel for your ex.

• Do you still feel a strong desire to see your ex?

If you still love your ex, you likely want to see your ex or talk to your ex on the phone quite often. Perhaps you have called your ex’s voice mail just to hear his or her voice, or maybe you have driven by your ex’s house or place of work in hopes of seeing him or her outside. Or, you may have "accidentally" bumped into your ex at a restaurant or bar.

• Do you often think about your ex?

If you still love your ex, chances are he or she is on your mind constantly. Whenever a love song comes on the radio or whenever you happen to see a romantic scene on the television or in the movies, you immediately think of your ex. When something interesting or upsetting happens in your life, the first person you think to call is your ex.

• What about about your ex being with someone else?

If you are still in love with your ex, the thought of him or her being with someone else probably makes you feel very jealous. The very idea of it might make you feel sick inside, or it may make you feel angry at the other person.

Have you figured out how you feel about your ex? Did you decide that yes, I still love my ex? It would not be surprising most people who wonder about their feelings for their exes do still feel attached which need to be addressed.

Make a final decision whether you want to get back together or do you want to get over your ex? Think about this carefully, and then do a search for more information on whichever option you choose.