I Was Broken- Hearted

It is a normal part of life to experience both joy and sorrow. Everyone of us experience the same feeling at times. This is likely of little consolation to you if you are currently feeling the heartbreak of an ended relationship. It is quite difficult to make the transition, dreaming one day you will spend your life with someone and knowing that your dream meant nothing. If someone broke your heart, your life seems falling apart.

Feeling broken-hearted are rather confusing to some. There is a lot of pain and sorrow, a sense of grief when we loss someone. This happens because when your heart is broken, you feel as if you have lost a large part of your life as well as a part of yourself; therefore, it is only natural to grieve for the loss.

The depth of your feelings from heart-broken will depend upon the depth of your relationship and the strength of the feelings you had for your girlfriend. For the first few weeks after the break-up, you may feel as if your heart has fallen out and will never return. You may also feel as if the heartbreak will never end. All of this is perfectly natural, both for men and for women who experience heartbreak.

It may take several weeks or a few months for you to ease the pain and feel a bit normal again but then, you may relapse into the depths of despair once again. It may be difficult for those around you to truly understand how you are feeling and how deeply you are being hurt because every broken heart is different. When a woman breaks your heart, it may leave deep scars on your heart that remain there forever.

You may feel physically and psychologically uncertain throughout your recovery period. It is not unusual to experience some of the following symptoms:

• Stomach aches or loss of appetite
• Difficulty sleeping
• Loss of self-respect or self-esteem
• Nausea
• Extreme fatigue
• Tightness of the chest, similar to an anxiety attack
• Feelings of hopelessness

Most of these symptoms will eventually settle down and of short duration.However, anyone experiencing long-term or more severe suffering should certainly seek the help of a doctor.

Even though your heart was broken, you will recover and you will even learn to love again. It may not seem possible now because you are grieving your loss and need to come to terms with how your life will be. However, trust that as time pass on, you will heal. Just as your body heals from physical injuries, your mind and soul will heal from psychological suffering. As each day your hurt will ease, little by little. Soon your heartbreak will be a memory of the past.