How To Become A Romantic Partner

Sometimes in a relationship due to luck of understanding of your good intention it turn out into a disaster. It is no wonder we are confused whether we are doing the right thing. Like the last time I bought my partner roses. She was going out on that night out and I thought she would be surprised. She was but he is wondering what I had done that I had to buy her red roses. So my expensive gesture fell flat on its face. She blamed me for ruining her night out and we ended up having an argument. In hindsight it was a little silly sending her flowers to her office when I knew she was going out on the town that Friday night.

These are the types of mistakes I used to make all the time. Instead of making my relationship happier, it only led to more unpleasant gesture. In desperation I started to buy Magazines relating to woman's insight but it did not work. Eventually I decided to bought a relationship course.

I was not aware that there is a recipe for relationship success. Sure some people have it without resorting to books but these people are in the minority. Others, like me, are constantly wondering why they get it wrong so often. It can get so bad that you end up wondering whether I have a wrong partner. But the truth is that communication between the two sexes is not always easy. There are plenty of mixed messages and confusing signals.

Men do not find it easy to talk to other about their bad relationship whereas it would seem that women can talk about it all the time. You need to listen when they want to chat, in fact they find this romantic. Grand gestures like the red roses are easy to arrange. You just phone the florist and give them your credit card number. It takes a lot more effort to clean the house and cook a special dinner as a surprise for when she gets home. Or if you have kids, find a babysitter and take your partner out for the evening.

Why do you think so many couples who appear well suited break up? They have not all had affairs. In fact if you ask them why they have broken up, they usually can not tell but more often they want to get back with their ex. But you will often find that they have not spent any time on their own together recently.

Let me tell you if you think it is difficult to answer how to be romantic with your girlfriend, you should try doing it when she is your ex! So do not make the same mistakes I did. Get a blueprint to having a successful happy relationship today and soon all your friends will be asking you for relationship advice.